What a relaxing, peaceful setting to spend our honeymoon! We have spent two nights in the honeymoon suite and are so thankful to have...
- Jesse and Jennifer
I've been here for a month now as I stayed for a 3-week residency at Royal Roads University. It was nice to have a cozy and...
- Nancy
Lighthouses all over the room, Basset hounds, amazing bed, and very friendly hosts. How much more perfect can a stay be?? We had an...
- Darren and Teresa
" Our stay has refreshed us both so much ~ the beauty peace and tranquility ~Debbie's wonderful hospitality and breakfast ~ Fabulous...
- Chris & Rudy Engstrom
Thank you so much for the lovely stay. It was easy to relax in this little corner of Paradise and we loved your tips on where to find...
- Donny and Eileen
Really good breakfasts,Cool rooms, good owners.It's really fun staying here. We hoped we could stay longer and stay here.
- The Goodwin Family
It was very nice here. Thank you!
- Adriana
Loved the tranquility and peace. Hospitality was wonderful from everyone including the dogs. Also really liked the uniqueness of the "...
- Alex and Kathy Riben
Dieter and Ashley, Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality and great food & recommendations. We had an awesome stay...
- Shannon, Amanda & Evelyn McGee
Nance and I had a great time here. This is a very comfortable home, and we felt very welcomed. Local knowledge is everything, and...
- Bill & Nance



X-Men - The Last Stand

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Filmed here on location from August 8 to August 19, 2005
Playing everywhere May 26, 2006

On Location: Filming scenes for the feature film "X-Men: The Last Stand" with Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry right here at our doorstep - literally!

From August 08 to August 19, 2005 scenes were filmed around Hatley Castle and the Esquimalt Lagoon right here at our doorstep. There was a crew of about 200 people for the third installment in the sci-fi series.

Most of the filming was limited to the first floor of Hatley Castle, the Italian Garden and croquet pitch. As in X-Men 2, Hatley Castle is front and centre for the interior shots, taking on the role of Professor Xavier's School for the Gifted, the X-Men's headquarters.

The cast of Hollywood A-list stars are back for X-Men 3, with Patrick Stewart as professor Charles Xavier, Halle Berry as Storm, Ian McKellen as Magneto and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Kelsey Grammar, Vinnie Jones and Maggie Grace have been added in the roles of new mutant characters. The third installment based on the popular Marvel Comic, the film is being directed by Brett Ratner, who took over when X-Men 2 director Matthew Vaughn dropped out for personal reasons. Colwood residents may recall a helicopter battle above Esquimalt Lagoon during the filming of X-Men 2 that caused a bit of a stir, because it was filmed late at night.