This was a great B&B experience. Very peaceful and relaxing. The view is awesome, thanks, Dieter, for being such a good host and...
- Lewis and Marilyn
We kayaked to Victoria one day, stopping at the lighthouse on the way. Seals and otters were playing in the water - lots of fun....
- Erin and William
Thank you so much for your hospitality and friendly advice. This was our first time staying in a B&B. You made us feel right at...
- Ken & Tammy
Thank you for your gracious hospitality starting with special delivery of strawberries from Ashley. The accommodations are...
- the Clarke family - Neil, Lynda, Samantha & Ryan
Thank you very much. We had a very relaxing time just what we needed, sleep, hot tub, sleep & great breakfast. Thanks again.
- Eric & Rose
It's my 32nd birthday and I had a lovely two days here with the love of my life. Thank you! 
- Yasmine and Nen
Thanks for everything. We enjoyed all of your suggestions and had such a good time. We did see a small black bear when we were...
- Mary & Duane
Beautiful setting, fantastic room, weather much better than forecast. Good food, good walks, good company - one can ask for no more.
- Janet & Alan
Many thanks for allowing me to enjoy a haven of peace and tranquility. Ashley, you are a very perceptive and beautiful young woman...
- Patricia Lawrence
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay @ Birds of a Feather! It is heaven for a birder!!! Thank you so much we hope to visit again &...
- Andrew & Elisabeth Clark



Pacific Opera Victoria

Best Price Guarantee

Pacific Opera Victoria is committed to professional opera activity of the highest standard possible that engages our community and fosters the development of opera in Canada.

POV was incorporated in 1980, and has earned a reputation for fostering young Canadian artists, presenting a unique blend of repertoire, building original new sets for most productions, and developing working partnerships with other arts institutions. Box Office results are strong: POV enjoys the country's highest subscriber renewal rate. The Company has established a business strategy to plan for future balanced budgets, while continuing the expansion of its artistic mandate. POV has a proud tradition of working in partnership with local and national organizations to foster interest (and support for) the production of opera.

Opera Victoria

Timothy Vernon is the company's founding Artistic Director and brings to the organisation years of proven artistic vision. Mr. Vernon has demonstrated a keen eye for identifying new talent and providing a constructive environment for these artists to fully develop their craft. Mr. Vernon has also been responsible for pushing the repertoire envelope for a company of this size. This unique vision has fuelled the community's interest in the company, attracted a wide range of artists and allowed the entire company to be enthusiastic about producing opera of the highest calibre possible.
Mainstage Activities: POV currently produces three productions a season in the Royal Theatre (1400 seats) for a total of 14 performances.

Set Construction Facility: Pacific Opera Victoria is one of the only opera companies in North America that builds all its own sets, presenting exclusively original productions created in Victoria by its team of artists, artisans and technicians. The company maintains a scenic and wardrobe studio and employs I.A.T.S.E. craftspeople from a roster of members in the community. In 2006 Pacific Opera Victoria signed a 10-year lease on a huge new set, costume and props production facility, which will support POV's growth as a company and improve its ability to create the kind of opera magic that has earned Pacific Opera a place at the forefront of this city's cultural life.

Pacific Opera

New Works: In February of 2000 POV produced EREWHON, the company's first fully-produced mainstage new commissioned Canadian work. POV also presented Canada's first festival of contemporary opera with Con'temp'aria in June 1995 providing subsequent production opportunities for NIGREDO HOTEL (Gotham), NE BLAMEZ JAMAIS LES BEDOUINS (Thibault), CITY WORKERS IN LOVE (Weisensel), and the children's opera HEAVENFIELDS (Buhr), as well as workshop opportunities for Sullivan's JOSEPHINE, Oliver's ALTERNATIVE VISIONS, and Hannan's THE GANG.

Community Partnerships: POV has fostered relationships with many segments of the community since its inception. These activities include:

  • the hiring of the musicians of the Victoria Symphony for all mainstage productions and conducting joint fundraising events with the orchestra
  • a partnership with theatre and voice students at the University of Victoria and Victoria Conservatory of Music
  • the dress rehearsal programme with area elementary and high school students and teachers
  • a volunteer chorus which is used for all POV mainstage productions and selected outreach activities
  • the use of a volunteer community opera expert for working rehearsal, pre-performance lectures for all POV productions.

Visit Pacific Opera Victoria website >>