It has been a true pleasure to be the first guests in the newly expanded quarters of Birds of a Feather. Relaxing does not come easily...
- Sandi & Brent
This place was beautiful! And I didn't even know I was coming ... I was heading out for breakfast Monday morning with a few...
- Nichole Petrisor and Kyle Muller
What an amazing location! It was wonderful to be able to row out on to the lagoon, and sit on the swing to enjoy the view and the...
- Ann, Steve, Danielle
We had a wonderful stay at the Birds of a Feather B&B. Food was excellent.
- Dave & Jeanette
Absolutely gorgeous !!
- Achille & Joe
What a beautiful piece of paradise! The Ridley's could not have chosen a more comfy lodging for us and we enjoyed it tremendously!...
- Lloyd and Rosemary Bolton
Lovely spot! We will be back for long stay.
What a great place ! We had a wonderful time spending the night here. We will be back with our kids one day. Thanks again ! 
- Jeff & Lindsay
Such tranquility and comfort much appreciated. Very nice B&B. Food was top notch.
- Yves
One of the nicest places I've stayed at! Enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. I'm glad to have found this quiet oasis. Dieter knows...
- Percy and Wendy



Cafe Brio

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From land to sea Café Brio's menu focuses on regional products. Flavour pairing comes naturally when using products that come from the same region. Sauces are often kept simple or light as not to mask the natural flavours found in our local quality ingredients.

As a member of the ICC I am committed to supporting local farms and products. We have had strong ties with the organic farming community from day one. I am lucky to be able to sit down with Tina Fraser and help plan crops for the following year so that we receive the best possible products in their peak season. Other farms are following suit so that we have strong local farm resources almost year round. Beyond organics my commitment is to BC farms first for produce.

From the farms to our kitchen to your plate, enjoy!

944 Fort St
Victoria, BC
Phone: 250-383-0009
Travel Time: