We experienced the most fabulous, relaxing 3 nights here in the honeymoon suite. The breakfasts were top notch, served with such love...
- Rachelle & Kent
Thank you for sharing your beautiful part of the world with us! And for making it even more lovely with the fantastic huge pots of...
- Virginia and Cathy
Thanks for your hospitality and comfortable accommodations. We enjoyed our stay - too short though - We'll be recommending you to...
- Michelle & David
The room was lovely and the view spectacular! Perhaps the most out-standing feature is the peace & quiet. We have been to the...
- Linda & Thomas Ferguson
Our very sincere thanks for your wonderful hospitality during our stay here at Birds of a Feather. This has been a highlight of our...
- Barb & Mark
Many thanks for allowing me to enjoy a haven of peace and tranquility. Ashley, you are a very perceptive and beautiful young woman...
- Patricia Lawrence
Wonderful home and even better hosts! It was a pleasure to stay here and we will be back if we make it to Victoria again.
- Rachael, Dean, and Robbie Hendrickson
Had a great stay. Wonderful location. See youn again soon :)
- Barb & Dan
Thank you for Birds of a Feather. Thank you for the recommendations - the pub, the Castle, the forest bike ride, the birds to watch...
- Elwood & Beth
What an incredible experience & stay! We stayed here for the 2nd half of our honeymoon, and although we only had two full days, we...
- Heather & Tyler

Weddings during COVID-19 Corona Virus in BC

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Health Orders pertaining to Weddings during COVID-19 Corona Virus here at Birds of a Feather B&B in BC

Effective June 15, 2021

Outdoor wedding ceremonies may proceed with a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place which you need to prepare and share with us. While the PHO allows a maximum of 50 people to attend, we have our own restrictions listed here.

Before, during and after the wedding service, people must not gather or engage socially.

  • Event organizers (that's you, not us) must keep a record of the names and contact information of the people who attend the wedding and share this record with us. This record will help public health conduct contact tracing in the event an attendee tests positive for COVID-19.

Restrictions below expire June 14. 2021

We continue to facilitate small weddings / elopements with a maximum total of 10 people in attendance including the bride and groom and the marriage commissioner, provided 3 of the remaining 7 are also booked / staying here as occupants. Otherwise the maximum total is 7 persons including the bride, groom and marriage commissioner.

1. A maximum of 5 individuals may attend a social gathering or an event in vacation accommodation, in addition to the occupants;
2. The owner of vacation accommodation must require any tenant, guest or other person using the vacation accommodation to comply with the requirement in section 1.

elopement small wedding Victoria BC Covid-19 safe

3. Up to 10 patrons may attend an event in a place if the following conditions are met:
a. there is an organizer of the event, [YOU]
b. if the organizer is not the owner of the place in which the event is to be held, the organizer must notify the owner before the event that the event will be taking place, provide details of the event, and obtain the approval of the owner to hold the event. If the owner provides approval, the organizer must provide the first and last names and telephone number, or email address for the patrons who attend the event.;
c. access to the event is controlled,
d. the number of patrons is closely monitored,
e. there is sufficient space available to permit the patrons to maintain a distance of two metres from one another,
f. the patrons maintain a distance of two metres from one another when standing or sitting, unless they belong to the same party,
g. if there are tables provided for the use of patrons, no more than six patrons sit at a table, even if they belong to the same party, and there are at least two metres between the backs of the chairs at one table and the backs of the chairs at another table, unless the chairs are separated by a physical barrier,
h. if live music is provided during an event indoors, a physical barrier is installed between the performers and the patrons which blocks the transmission of droplets produced by the performers, and at all event there is a three metre separation between performers, presenters or presiders and patrons,
i. hand sanitation supplies are readily available to patrons,
j. there are washroom facilities available with running water, soap and a sanitary means for drying hands for hand washing purposes or hand sanitation supplies. [YES THERE IS]

4. The organizer must ensure that the conditions in section 3 are met.

5. The organizer must
a. collect the first and last names and telephone number, or email address, of every patron who attends an event, or of every driver of a vehicle present at a drive-in event; and
b. retain this information for thirty days, in case there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officer, in which case the information must be provided to the medical health officer.

6. If the organizer is not the owner, the owner must
a. satisfy themselves that the organizer is aware of the requirements in section 3 and 5, if section 5 is applicable, and has the capacity to fulfill them, and
b. retain the names of and contact information provided by the organizer for the patrons for thirty days, in case there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officer, in which case the information must be provided to the medical health officer.

Full details of our small wedding / elopement package is here